Born: 22 July 1943, Montluçon, France

Education, France
1962 Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Metz
1963–1965 Ecole de Arts Décoratifs, Strasbourg
1965 Diplome national des Beaux Arts, Paris
1966–1968 Military service, Thionville
1968–1969 Art teacher , Rombas
1969 Emigrated to Canada

Professional experience, Canada
1970–1973 Assistant art director, book designer,
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE)
1974 Incorporated a graphic design company: 
Didier Fiszel Dessinateur Graphiste Inc.
1985 Incorporated a new graphic design company:
FIZZZ Design Inc. changed in 2004 to FIZZZ Design Corp.
1985–2009 Creative Director of FIZZZ Design
2009 Sold FIZZZ Design Corp.
2009 to today, Artist (painter) full time

Artist Statement

I love colours. I love the freedom and the apprehension of standing in front of
a blank surface where anything is possible, where the only limitation is my imagination. I love the moment when colours, shapes and textures are in flux, when I hold my breath uncertain how to proceed and hoping for serendipity. For me, painting is a state of grace full of small epiphanies. As Picasso once said,  

Mais madame! Je ne cherche pas, je trouve!"  

My style has evolved over the years. It started with my love for abstract expressionism, the freedom of it, the apparent lack of rules, in contrast to my day job as a graphic designer and art director where there were multiple constraints dictated by clients’ objectives and budgets. Until recently I practised a mix of abstract expressionism and “process painting,” where the act of painting is the point and the painter is an instrument of that act. I avoided planning or conveying meaning. Recently, I have transitioned to a more compositional style, incorporating design concepts and graphic elements.

Didier Fiszel

Design: Didier Fiszel • © Didier Fiszel. – 2015
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